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Spring into action with Ticketsolve🌸

Scott Rubbathan
20 March 2024
Spring into action with Ticketsolve🌸

We’re almost at the end of March which means spring is in the air, a new quarter is approaching! Team Ticketsolve know better than anyone that alongside the birdsong and blossom, a bit of a juggling act might also be on the cards as you rush to complete lingering goals while planning for the next quarter.

It’s this experience that inspired our newest feature developments, which are designed to help you and your team get organised and stay productive, even as to-do lists fill up and deadlines approach. Discover how our newest feature is here to help you calmly take stock, get organised, and hit the ground running as we start a new season 👇

Boost Productivity with Ticketsolve's Specialised Tools

Our newest feature, Tasks, is just the first phase of our productivity solution suite, purpose-built to streamline operations for arts and culture organisations. Coming soon: fundraising pipeline tracking, in-app email integration and more – all centralised within the Ticketsolve platform.

By consolidating tools for planning, team management, fundraising and customer communications, we're helping you maximise efficiency. Spend less time juggling lots of browser tabs or apps and more time focused on your core mission and achieving real impact.

Keen to learn how Tasks and our forthcoming productivity features can revolutionise your productivity? Read more in our intro blog post. Together, these tools will equip you to boost output while keeping your entire team, your projects, and your impact priorities aligned each quarter.

Want some ideas as to how you can use Tasks to ease the transition into Q2? We’ve got you! Read on for inspiration 👇

Use Custom Views to Streamline Your To-Dos

1-Mar-14-2024-03-54-27-0153-PMWith Tasks you can create custom views to easily organise tasks by project, team, or priority. Need to quickly visualise outstanding Q1 work? Create a "Q1 Wrap-Up" custom view in Tasks. This birds-eye overview lets you track remaining Q1 tasks, milestones and deliverables all in one place as the quarter winds down.

Looking ahead to Q2? Start mapping it out by making a "Q2 Planning" view. Add future targets, programmes and key activities as individual tasks. Then simply move over any incomplete Q1 items to bundle them into your new Q2 roadmap.

With custom views, you can slice and dice your to-do list for supreme organisation and focus. Check out our help guide to find out more about creating custom views.Untitled design - 2024-03-14T155545.104

Stay Organised with Tags

Take productivity up a notch by utilising Tasks' tagging capabilities. Tag tasks to link them to specific team members, due dates, shows or even customer accounts. This connection provides invaluable context and ensures critical follow-ups don't get overlooked when you start planning for Q2.

Aaron, Ticketing and Sales Manager at New Theatre Royal is already using tags to link future to-dos directly to customer records. Find out more about his approach in our recent blog post.

Prioritise and Delegate Effectively

2-Mar-14-2024-03-55-32-2611-PMWith competing priorities being a familiar part of the end of the quarter, it's crucial to focus your team's efforts strategically. Use due dates in Tasks to flag high-priority items requiring immediate attention before Q1 ends. Then re-sequence lower tasks as needed to align capacities with top-level goals.

Tasks illuminates everyone's assignments, allowing you to re-allocate work if bottlenecks arise. You can even start Q2 prep across teams by assigning upcoming tasks.

As Sveta, Box Office Manager & Events Manager at Komedia Bath uses Task to ensure each team member can easily access and prioritise tasks relevant to them. In her experience, this promotes transparency and empowers your team. Read more about her approach here.

So, are you ready to boost your productivity and achieve even greater success in the upcoming quarter? Explore our productivity features today to see how Ticketsolve can help you take control of your workflow and drive meaningful results. 

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