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Streamline your workflow and boost productivity: Our brand new feature developments are live!

Natalie Watson
8 February 2024
Streamline your workflow and boost productivity: Our brand new feature developments are live!

This sophisticated module of functionality looks at Fundraising, Patron Pipeline & Project Management Tools. No more juggling between multiple apps or scouring through scattered notes. Our brand new feature release brings you better organisation, enhanced collaboration, and turbocharged productivity, all with a single click. 🚀

It all starts with The New Ticketsolve 

You might remember that back in 2022, the New Ticketsolve was launched for all customers. 

We spent a lot of time working behind the scenes, conducting user research and rebuilding an improved, customer-focused Ticketsolve. We focused on simplifying workflows, stripping away clutter, and orienting around customer relationships and organisational needs. 

We then unveiled our intuitive (and very beautiful, if we do say so ourselves) new platform centred on the modern user experience.

Since launch, we’ve continued working hand-in-hand with our community to drive refinements. Over 70% of platform additions and enhancements now come directly from user requests and feedback. It's allowed us to stay agile, responding rapidly to industry trends and emerging needs.


Introducing... Tasks! o (5)

Today, we could not be more excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newest feature - Tasks! Tasks marks a new chapter in our story, paving the way for Ticketsolve to become an all-in-one CRM and productivity hub tailored to modern organisations.

3-Feb-08-2024-12-50-41-2680-PMWith Tasks, users can create, assign, and manage all their outstanding activities in one centralised platform alongside their broader customer data. No more toggling between apps or scattered sticky notes- just better organisation, improved collaboration and boosted productivity. Tasks is the tool that works for you - here are a few examples of how some of our customers are using it so far: 

  • Box Office reminders - generating invoices and chasing collections.
  • Programming to-dos - building events and adding recommendations.
  • Fundraising actions -  reporting on donations and thanking customers.

Tasks is now live in Ticketsolve! Find out more here

Want to find out more about tasks and how Ticketsolve’s approach could help your organisation? 

Just the start of the story…

Tasks is just the beginning. Upcoming features include updates to our fundraising capabilities with project/pipeline management, and enhanced customer communications with a new email design and AI-driven workflows. Stay tuned for launch dates soon!

With Tasks and these upcoming features, Ticketsolve is transforming into an indispensable hub facilitating seamless audience engagement and operational efficiency. The best is yet to come - prepare your teams for big changes ahead.

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