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How the Ticketsolve Community are using our newest feature to enhance efficiency

Chris Kerr
29 February 2024
How the Ticketsolve Community are using our newest feature to enhance efficiency

As we may have mentioned a few times over the past month 👀, Tasks is the latest addition to our suite of tools designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

In developing these tools, our aim was simple: to equip you with a resource that enhances collaboration, efficiency, and organisation. With Tasks now at your fingertips, you're poised to elevate your productivity like never before: and members of the Ticketsolve community have been showing us just how valuable these new features can be...

Real-Life Success Stories

Conversations with the Ticketsolve Community shows that Tasks has proven itself as a versatile tool for boosting team productivity, and we’ve been so inspired hearing how different venues are using the functionality. We wanted to share this Task-piration with you all - so in this month’s Academy webinar we spoke with two excellent Ticketsolve users: Sveta, Box Office Manager & Events Manager at Komedia Bath and Aaron, Ticketing and Sales Manager at New Theatre Royal Portsmouth to get first hand accounts of how Tasks has benefited their operations 👇


Sveta at Komedia Bath: Communication, Collaboration and Cloak Room Tags!

1-Feb-29-2024-10-24-08-8174-AMSveta Antonova is Box Office Manager & Events Manager at Komedia Bath, award-winning venue which hosts comedy, live music and cinema events.

Sveta seamlessly integrated Tasks into her box office team's workflow from the get-go, using it as a central hub for task management and communication. From show preparations to downtime to-dos, Tasks facilitated smooth coordination and enhanced team efficiency. Notably, Sveta's team successfully implemented a sustainability project - creating reusable cloakroom tags to replace disposable ones - using tasks to keep track of steps and pick up from where colleagues had left off. 

Additionally, Sveta uses Tasks' tagging and shared task lists features to ensure each team member can easily access and prioritise tasks relevant to them - with supervisor or shift-specific lists. This helps promote transparency, collaboration, and boosts overall job satisfaction and creative input from Sveta's team.


Aaron at New Theatre Royal: Goodbye Clutter, Hello Focus (and Hydration)!

2-Feb-29-2024-10-28-25-2963-AMAaron Holdaway is Ticketing and Sales Manager at the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, a beautiful Victorian theatre in the heart of Portsmouth which offers a varied programme, hosting everything from theatre to music to dance shows. 

Before Tasks came along, Aaron struggled with managing his to-do list, which was often disorganised - or nowhere to be seen! With Tasks, he found a newfound sense of clarity and organisation. The ability to set due dates, prioritise tasks, and re-sequence items revolutionised his daily planning! 

Additionally, the platform allows colleagues to directly assign him box office tasks, saving time and avoiding long or confusing email chains. Aaron also appreciates being able to link tasks to customers and events, ensuring that longer-term goals aren't forgotten. Moreover, Tasks isn't just for work – Aaron utilises it for personal goals (like reminding him to drink water!) - the possibilities with Tasks are truly endless! 

The streamlined and collaborative nature of Tasks has significantly boosted Aaron's productivity and organisation, enabling him to stay on top of his to-dos and personal goals with ease.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Tasks

Ticketsolve Tasks offers unparalleled adaptability, empowering you to tailor it to your unique needs and workflow. Whether overseeing large-scale initiatives or day-to-day tasks, Tasks offers customisable features like tags and custom views to align perfectly with your requirements. With intuitive functionalities at your disposal, Tasks can be used as a sophisticated task management ecosystem, boosting productivity and collaboration at every level.

Embrace Efficiency with Ticketsolve Tasks

Ready to experience the transformative power of Ticketsolve Tasks firsthand? Dive in today and discover how it can revolutionise the way you work. And remember, this is just the beginning – we have more exciting updates and enhancements on the horizon, so Ticketsolve will be the only tool you’ll need to manage customer relationships, teams, fundraising and more! 

Discover more - check out our full Academy session here 👇


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