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See you at the Ticketing Professionals Conference 2024!

James McAndrew
13 March 2024
See you at the Ticketing Professionals Conference 2024!

It's almost time for TPC 2024! It's a combination of everything we love best here at Ticketsolve: catching up with familiar faces and making new friends, and discovering others' experiences, ideas and perspectives - plus lots of teas and coffees. 

We're thrilled to be a TPC sponsor again this year, and we've prepared two sessions focused on key topics we can't wait to dive into, plus the team will be joining a variety of panels during the conference - more details below. 

And let's not forget the highlight of any TPC experience: our legendary pink notebooks are back for 2024! Stop by our booth in the exhibition hall to snag yours, say hi, and have a chat with Team Ticketsolve! We can't wait to see you there. 

Meet the team! 

Introducing the Ticketsolve contingent for TPC 2024! Don't be shy - we'd love to say hi, so do pop over if you see us!

TPC (600 x 200 px) (1)

Attending will be (L-R) Gerard Swift, Customer Support and Training Specialist, James McAndrew, Senior Business Development Manager, Emma Young, Operations Manager, Nick Stevenson, Head of Customer Success, Paul Fadden, Managing Director, Lucy Costelloe, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Our sessions

Going Offscript: Navigating the challenges of modern audiences

Join us from 10:10 – 11:10 on Friday 22 March in Hall 5
Cheers and jeers, boos and booze, applause and outburst—the meltdown of manners is creating a storm for venue and theatre managers all over the UK and Ireland. According to a survey conducted by Ticketsolve, 91.5% of participants have experienced massive disruptions caused by audience members and 66% of these respondents already have a policy in place regarding audience etiquette.

Inviting over 350 cultural organisations to contribute, the survey shows the frustration and challenges of managing audience behaviours onsite. Our panel will share the results of our survey and we’ll be joined by a vast panel of venue managers to dissect the conclusions and share their experiences.

P10Y: A New Approach to Leadership

Join us on Thursday 21st March at at 15:40 – 16:10 in Hall 5
Whether you’re agile or autocratic, transformational or laissez-faire, leadership in the sector is not only under scrutiny–but under pressure!!

In this session, we look at what it means to be a productive leader and how you can foster effective change across your organisation.

We cover some of the big topics and the concerns around tick box exercises and greenwashing and support you to navigate through some of the toughest decisions and considerations.

On the panel

Lucy's discussing imposter syndrome and the expertise of women in our sector

On Thursday 21st March at 10:55, join Lucy and a panel of women with a range of sector experience discussing how their voices and experience offers value. They'll be sharing examples of how female views differ and offer different value to conversations, and highlighting the wide variety of incredible women in our sector. It is a fact that women fall away from their careers as they mature and we see more men and less women. This session will show the careers available, that women do continue to develop and while we may be fewer in number at senior roles we still all have value.

Emma's answering the age-old question "What is a Ticketing System?"

Head to Hall 4 at 16:15 on Thursday 21st March where Emma and her fellow expert pannelists  will debate how we should define a ticketing system in 2024, drawing from their combined experience working at venues, festivals, ticket agents, ticketing systems, arts consultancies, digital agencies, and more. By the end of the hour, they’ll arrive (hopefully) at a list of essential features, nice-to-have add-ons, and well-meaning bells and whistles that never actually get used or, worse, that get in everybody’s way.

Pink notebooks are BACK! 

We’re back! (1)

Y’all have been asking about them, and we like to give the people what they want! Our pink notebooks are BACK for TPC 2024! Want to make sure you can snag one? Pop your name on our list and we'll keep one aside for you 😉


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