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P10Y: The Name of The Game

Chris Spring
15 February 2024
P10Y: The Name of The Game

Did you know there’s 10 letters between P and Y in Productivity? ( the P10Y makes sense 😉) But the gap between planning and doing to ensure productiveness can feel much wider than that..... We’re looking at how you can measure productivity within your organisation in a way that not only brings value but makes sense for your team 👇


What even is productivity, anyway? 

Productivity is a word we hear a lot, but what does it really mean? And also - why should you care?Untitled design - 2024-02-14T161414.669 

If we’re going to get scientific about it, productivity is “the efficiency of production of goods or services expressed by some measure” - basically, the conversion of inputs into outputs. But definitions of productivity can differ from workplace to workplace and even person to person. Plus, in recent years it seems like the definition and priorities related to productivity have changed a lot. The importance of self-care, morale, wellbeing and sustainability and their proven positive impact on productivity are heading conversations.

Technology and tools play a key role in maximising productivity, especially for arts and culture organisations with limited resources. Having effective systems for tracking tasks, organising workload and improving communication can be game-changers. The key is to have visibility across projects so nothing falls through the cracks. When all team members have access to centralised systems, they can better collaborate and contribute to overall project success.

Easy peasy, right? 😅

“Productivity” in arts and culture - the love-hate word that we’re challenging 

We promise, this is not a plea to do more with less (or less with more)! 

As you are definitely aware, arts and culture organisations face specific hurdles when it comes to productivity. The management of diverse creative tasks, limited budgets and staff resources, and the need to quantify impact can all be challenges. Making a positive effect on audiences and the community is at the heart of so many arts organisations' missions. But proving and measuring that impact takes resources many groups lack. It can be hard to piece together the different tasks undertaken day to day to work out how they make up the whole of what we’re achieving as arts professionals, or as arts organisations. (Think Tetris, but made of to-do lists and mission statements!)

This calls for tailored solutions designed specifically to help arts organisations track tasks and - dare we say it - enhance productivity.

What works for us! (Because it might work for you!)

You know that here at Ticketsolve, we base our work on experience. And we’ve found that  the key tools to ensure productivity for our team are those that give high-level visibility across projects so that nothing slips through the cracks. All team members have access to centralised systems for organising people and tasks and monitoring project progress. This makes it visible from the outset whether a project is on track or needs adjustment. We also leverage collaborative tools to enable seamless communication between teams and departments. Ultimately this leads to better idea-sharing and work distribution for improved productivity.

This inspired us to develop Tasks, Ticketsolve's latest productivity feature...

Tasks: the trick up your sleeve

Defining Productivity for Arts and Culture Organisations (1)

In a nutshell, Tasks delivers key features to streamline processes so that no detail gets missed. We see it as a single source of truth for outstanding work items, enhancing overall team coordination and productivity. No more wondering "What was I supposed to do next?" or hoping that a loose end will take care of itself. Tasks creates accountability and ensures capacities are aligned with priorities for maximum efficiency.

And that’s not all!! Tasks is just the start of a broader suite of productivity features designed specifically to empower arts and culture organisations 👇

Your productivity toolbox

We’re beavering away in the background, enhancing other features like fundraising flow management and in-platform emails to help users get more done within Ticketsolve. The end goal: all of these updates will work together to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to overcoming common productivity pitfalls. Use case examples could include: saving time by contacting top donors without toggling between apps, or quickly adjusting assigned tasks to balance workloads around an upcoming program launch. Stay tuned for more info soon! 


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