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Productivity Pointers and Tackling Audience Disruptions

Darren Poynter
28 March 2024
Productivity Pointers and Tackling Audience Disruptions

The undoubted highlight of the month for Team Ticketsolve was the Ticketing Professionals Conference, for which some of us headed to Birmingham last week (check out our gorgeous team photo below!) After all, where else can we chat Ticketing for 48 hours straight?! It was great to connect with so many familiar faces - and meet some new folk, too. We're really enjoyed showcasing some of our latest developments and getting inspired by what others have been up to!

We were thrilled to host two  panel discussions that delved into key issues within our sector. The first panel explored productivity and leadership within the arts, examining strategies and best practices for creating change and facilitating growth. The second panel sparked a lively discussion on audience behaviour, a subject that we’ve chatting about a lot lately! 

To continue the conversation and share resources with the Ticketsolve community, we've compiled some relevant Ticketsolve resources and podcast episodes that delve deeper into both topics 👇

Talking Productivity

With the release of our newest features, focused on improving productivity and amplifying growth, the idea of "productivity" has been on our minds a lot lately here at Ticketsolve. At TPC, we explored what it means to be a productive leader and how to foster effective change, examining methods that have been successful for our managers, team, and organisation as a whole.

One of the key models discussed was the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) model, which we use at Ticketsolve to set measurable goals. This framework sparked various conversations with other TPC delegates - for those interested in learning more about OKRs, take a look at the following resources:

  • In our academy session, Nick and Charlie provide an in-depth exploration of OKRs and share valuable tips for setting effective goals within your organisation.

  • Our how-to guide outlines the main steps and includes a practical worksheet to help you get started with implementing OKRs within your team or organisation.

Navigating the Challenges of Modern Audiences

The "disruption dilemma" is a challenge that we've been actively exploring recently, as highlighted by a recent Ticketsolve survey. According to our findings, an astonishing 91.5% of venues face disruptions caused by audience members, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue.
At the Ticketing Professionals Conference, we were joined by a panel of experienced venue managers who shared their insights and experiences on how venues can approach this challenge effectively. To further delve into this topic, you can discover: 

  • Our dedicated podcast episode features a panel of industry experts from venues across the UK and Ireland, who offer valuable perspectives on navigating audience disruptions.

  • Our accompanying resource delves into the survey results and presents case studies from participating venues, providing a comprehensive exploration of the "disruption dilemma" and potential solutions.



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