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Why we're registering our Carbon Footprint: Culture Change for Climate Change

Conor Coyle
29 July 2022
Why we're registering our Carbon Footprint: Culture Change for Climate Change

As part of our sustainability campaign, Culture Change for Climate change (#CultureforClimate), we’re getting back on track to where we want to be and how we want to contribute to the impacts of climate damage. The other week, members of our team attended the AMA in Birmingham and were not just left with a sense of adventure, but also a grounding of the multiple efforts of what we can do to support the climate impact we create on the world. 

After two days immersed in the wonderful world of arts marketing, we’re not ready to put an end to our travels and this amazing sense of adventure. We've taken a lot back to our team, nuggets of inspiration, top tips, incredible case studies and also a notebook full of wonderful new contacts —hello friends 👋

Culture Change For Climate Change 🌍

Culture Change for Climate Change is a Ticketsolve initiative that focuses on what we can no longer ignore: the dire consequences of ignoring climate change. Our campaign aims to open up some great conversations within the arts about how we can do our part by spreading awareness and opening up a new avenue of dialogue for such an important topic, the threat to our planet which is facing us all.

li-an-lim-ycW4YxhrWHM-unsplash 📸 by Li-An Lim

Supercool leave an inspiring (and carbon neutral) impression everywhere they go

There was nothing like it; Supercool arrived at the AMA in Birmingham with an abundance of (green) energy and plants. Inspiring us all to think about our planet and creating a spark of conversation about our climate amongst an incredible network of over 500 arts marketers. They stand by a mission of making life easier for our sector and approach it with mindfulness to people and the planet

Hosting a session looking at "Your Website vs. The Planet", they shared benchmark data on the environmental impact of arts, cultural and heritage organisations' websites. While the stats are hard to digest, Supercool keep it simple and provide some super cool tips (😉) on how your website can look and feel sexy, but in a kind and considerate way to our planet (that means it's even sexier!). Check out more of their resources here

One of our most important takeaways from the two days in Birmingham was that while we might be focusing on our own sectoral or internal crises, we are constantly impacting the climate and it's important to remember this in everything we do. What can we do today to help us step closer to where we'd like to be tomorrow? Every green and sustainable movement counts. Supercool even made it count to 500, planting 500 trees on behalf of the AMA conference delegates!   


New Adventures: Register Your Carbon Footprint 👣

Ticketsolve Booth While it's been great to attend a conference in person, Supercool planting 500 trees have inspired us to do something to contribute to reducing our Carbon Emissions. This year, Ticketsolve will also donate to a project to reduce our carbon footprint for our team at the AMA (this is two flights, one car journey, and one delivery of our pink notebooks!) 

We’d like to follow in the (carbon neutral) footprints of our friends at Supercool and offer to make a similar donation on behalf of any organisation and AMA delegate who travelled for the conference. Register the details of your travel and your organisation, and we’ll do the rest!

Register Your Carbon Footprint 


Ticketsolve Workshops: Let's make it a Carbon Neutral Affair! ♻️ 

Copy of Streamline your ticketing with Ticketsolve (4)-1

After 3 years of being unable to get out, we’re back! We have 7 workshops planned in England, Scotland and Wales and 5 workshops in Ireland. We hope everyone will be able to come along and learn about new ideas, get a glimpse of some new features and much more! What else, if you’re a Ticketsolve customer and you have attended a Ticketsolve workshop, we’d love for you to register your carbon footprint to ensure that we are doing everything that we can. Register to attend our workshop, arrive on the day and don't forget to give us the details of your travel in our feedback survey after the event! 

Register Your Place on Our Workshops

We'd like to thank our great friend, Niall from Pavilion Theatre, who first drew our attention to some incredible resources to look at for offsetting your Carbon Footprint. Also, a special shoutout to the wonderful Katie at Supercool for offering her time and sharing her motivation with us. 

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