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Missing Audiences: Using Ticketsolve to reach your goals

Lucy Costelloe
18 August 2022
Missing Audiences: Using Ticketsolve to reach your goals

This session in partnership with Theatre Forum looked at the practicalities of using Ticketsolve to resolve some of the issues that were identified as part of the Missing Audiences research. You can catch up now, find important help articles and download a copy of our Audience Development template in our blog!

As part of the Missing Audiences report, we hosted a marketing forum session with Theatre Forum and our colleagues Katy Raines and Heather Maitland. 

How can I decide what are the Missing Audiences issues in my organisation that I need to tackle as a priority?

Looking at ways in which we can strategise our priorities, the aim of the session was to create simple steps and a clear pathway to solving some of the issues presented from the Missing Audiences survey. We decided that the first practical solution was to decide the best method for making a call on our next priorities.


Throwing Shapes: Concentric Circles & Frequency Triangles! 

Once you define your priorities and build your chosen shape, we’ve created an easy template available to all venues. For Ticketsolve customers, entering the data is as simple as downloading the report within the Visit Count Tab on Your Reports and pasting the data into our template.

Download our Template


Some Useful Guides for Getting Started: 


Our colleague Darren has put together what we like to call the Encyclopedia of Your Reports. Definitely an article you should save if you’re looking at using multiple filters and adding layers to your reports. Read more here


Trial it yourself

 Natalie has created a really useful step-by-step on how to report on your concentric circles in Ticketsolve. The article takes you through how to start from your outer ring and work your back into the middle. Dive in here


Using First Purchase Automation with Mailchimp to encourage return customers is a really simple and effective way to entice first times back to your venue. Here’s a quick link on how to quickly implement this automation.


 Recommendations are a powerful tool in upselling. They appear in a cart, based on what a person has purchased so far, and can be effective in persuading people to buy more than they initially intended. In Ticketsolve, Recommendations need to be set manually for each show and you can get started by following these steps. You can also take a deeper dive into enticement with product prompts. Setting up the Product Prompt couldn't be easier and is a really good way of upselling bundle offers and memberships—keep them coming back!


Discounts allow you to entice audiences with bespoke special offers such as Two for One, Bundle discounts, Group Discounts, Percent Off Amounts, Exclusive Access and Early Bird. If you want to jump ahead and plan for the next marketing forum session, get to grips with the discount tab in Ticketsolve with our help guide.


When compiling a brochure mailout or email marketing list, you may want to be able to exclude overseas customers (who you suspect will not be returning to your venue). There are two ways to do this with Ticketsolve and our support article will support your team to exclude particular customer categories so that you’re not dealing with additional and pricey mailout costs.


A big thank you to all the venues that joined us live. Natalie and myself are still in conversation and we hope to make some interesting developments to the Ticketsolve Audience Development Template in the coming weeks!


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