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Untangling the Knots Around Accessibility: A Podcast with Catherine Turner

James Byrne
12 January 2023
Untangling the Knots Around Accessibility: A Podcast with Catherine Turner

Accessibility is a topic that needs to remain high on the agenda for arts and cultural organisations in 2023. In this episode of The Arts & Everything in Between podcast, host Lucy Costelloe speaks with Catherine Turner, an expert on accessibility and inclusion. 

This episode of The Arts and Everything in Between Podcast features Catherine Turner,  trustee for Colchester Arts Centre, a technology accessibility advisor and an enthusiastic patron of many art forms.  She’s also a disabled person with a love of swimming and a hatred of bananas. 

Catherine provides her expertise on website accessibility and what you and your team can be looking at within your organisation to keep accessibility high on your agenda. She shares her own experiences openly and honestly. Hosted by Lucy Costelloe, this session looks at how we can navigate through the complexities of digital accessibility and address key points that everyone needs to consider today. 

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Accessibility is becoming an increasingly important topic in today's society and this podcast episode provides valuable insights on ensuring accessibility is incorporated into your events and spaces. With the expert guidance of Catherine, Ticketsolve has recently announced a series of new software developments that ensures all aspects of the customer booking journey through Ticketsolve are AWCAG 2.1 (AA) compliant. 


WCAG provide benchmarks that each site must hit. The benchmarks cover areas around the alternative text (including multilingual support), colour contrast, dynamic content interaction, and page elements including the functionality of buttons, inputs and dropdowns. 

Find out more about our accessibility project below! 

Understanding WCAG & AA Requirements

Our podcast highlights the importance of understanding the needs of different audiences, and how to plan an inclusive and accessible event from start to finish throughout the entire customer journey. From this episode, listeners can take away practical tips on how to make their events, spaces and digital products more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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