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Welcome to a Lively Debate on the Evolving Norms of Audience Behaviour Across Arts, Culture, and Live Entertainment!

Welcome to a Lively Debate on the Evolving Norms of Audience Behaviour Across Arts, Culture, and Live Entertainment!

We're excited to invite you to our latest live podcast episode, where we dive deep into a topic that's sparking conversations everywhere: Who needs to adapt in the face of changing societal norms - the audiences, or the artists and venues?

In a world where expectations and behaviours are constantly shifting, this question becomes increasingly relevant. And we want YOU to be a part of this crucial discussion.

The Survey Results Are In

We launched a survey to over 350 arts organisations around the experiences of arts managers and their teams in approaching audience members who are disrupting live performances. The results are in and the responses are shocking. . . a little like some of the behaviour of our audiences. 

It’s not too late, you can still contribute to our survey below 👇

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The Great Debate: Popcorn Crunching and Beyond

Ever wondered why it's okay to munch popcorn in cinemas but not in a full auditorium? We're tackling these unique standards head-on. Are they justifiable, or do they contribute to potential disruptions during performances? The sound of a wrapper, the aroma of a meal – are these harmless additions to our experience or unwelcome distractions? 🍔🚫

Panel Insights and the Verdict on Venue Vibes

Our panel will share their diverse perspectives, wrapping up with a verdict. One hot topic on our agenda: alcohol consumption in auditoriums. 🍷 Does it amplify the joy of a night out, or lead to disruptive behaviours and unnecessary interruptions?Richie Ross

Balancing Modern Lifestyles and Artistic Sanctity

As society evolves, so do our behaviours and expectations. But where do we draw the line? How do we balance accommodating modern lifestyles with preserving the sanctity of the artistic experience? We'll also delve into the pressures on venues and organisations to increase revenue and secondary spending per visitor. 💳

Join the Conversation: Traditionalist or Champion of Change?

Whether you're firmly rooted in tradition or an advocate for change, your voice matters in this conversation. We invite you to help us unpack the complexities of audience behaviour and explore ways for the sector to work together in addressing these challenges.

Tune In, Share, and Participate in Our Upcoming Debate!

Don't miss this opportunity to join a riveting debate that promises to be as enlightening as it is entertaining. Tune in, share your thoughts, and be a part of shaping the future of audience etiquette in the arts and live entertainment. 🌟🎧

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