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Focus on Community: Fundraising and Your Mission with Farnham Maltings

Nick Stevenson
16 September 2021
Focus on Community: Fundraising and Your Mission with Farnham Maltings

Our latest episode of the Arts and Everything in Between Podcast is live. Join in the conversation and listen to Gavin Stride and Niki Hanmer of Farnham Maltings and their story of creating impact and placing community at the heart of their organisation.

The Arts and Everything in Between Podcast

This episode focuses on the successful fundraising campaign, Spring Forward for Farnham Maltings. With a goal to raise £100k to help offset the devasting costs of the pandemic, the team at Farnham Maltings are working on a campaign to help secure the maltings' future for the community. 

Special guest and Director, Gavin Stride shares his reflection on the impact of the pandemic for Farnham Maltings on their campaign site

Special Guests Niki & Gavin of Farnham Maltings 

Gavin has spent the past twenty-five years as a director and producer of new arts work, predominantly in new spaces for new audiences. Some of this work has travelled to the National Theatre, to Georgia and Reykjavik. Over the past 15 years, he has been working at establishing the Farnham Maltings as, in the words of SEEDA, a model social enterprise that is concerned with the quality of life for all the people in our communities.

Niki has worked at Farnham Malting for nearly 5 years and is responsible for programming and marketing activities. Niki has been instrumental in communicating Farnham’s mission to the community and beyond.

Farnham Maltings Case Study

Join the Conversation and Listen Now 

We're not giving away any spoilers but this is definitely an episode to tune into! Gavin and Niki share practical tips for planning a fundraising campaign and setting clear targets, offering an insight into their organisational mission of putting the community at the heart of their organisation, and reflecting on the pandemic as a vital learning opportunity for their team. 


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