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A Year in Review, Ticketsolve Top 10 Highlights of 2018

Nick Stevenson
4 January 2019
A Year in Review, Ticketsolve Top 10 Highlights of 2018

A Ticketsolve Year in Review- Our Top 10 Highlights from 2018

With the celebrations from the New Year still ringing, what a better time to reflect on the past incredible 12 months of 2018. Thank you to all of our customers who have shared each achievement with us. We’re ready to kick off 2019, it’s going to be an exciting and busy year ahead.

In no particular order, let’s share the Ticketsolve Top Ten Highlights from 2018. Believe us when we tell you it wasn’t an easy job with so much to choose from.

1. New Friends Joining our Community.

We mean it when we say that we value our customers. With 49 new customers joining the Ticketsolve community we now have 295 customers on board- now that’s a party!

2. Our Growing Team.

With a team that is growing from strength to strength, we have welcomed 6 new team members to the Solvers gang over the past 12 months. With more fun and faces than ever, it’s safe to say we will always someone making a warm pot of tea or strong mug of coffee in our offices.

In 2018 we welcomed Ben, Lucy , Siobhán, Sergi, Odette, and Sarah to Dublin and Manchester.

3. Home Sweet Home.

This year Ticketsolve introduced a new Manchester office and moved into a larger Dublin space. Housewarming gifts are most welcomed !!

4. New Website, New Branding.

With all this newness in the air, it seemed only fit to develop our website and take our branding to the next level. As problem solvers, we feel the our new puzzle look is more than appropriate. Over Christmas we even challenged all of our friends to the Ticketsolve Christmas Conundrum… how did you find it?

5. Supporting our Customers through GDPR!

It might seem strange that we have put this into our top ten highlights of the year but for our team, being able to offer our customers the level of support and reassurance that they needed around GDPR was incredibly fulfilling. Even more so, watching the Ticketsolve community come together for the series of GDPR workshops hosted around the UK and Ireland highlighted to us the importance of encouraging all of our wonderful customers to network together as industry leaders.

6. Ticketsolve Forum 2018

If you attended Liverpool’s Royal Court or Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, you will know why this has made our list of Ticketsolve highlights….If you’re intrigued… check out the Ticketsolve Forum Video!

7. Future Now Digital Day.

Sponsoring the AMA Digital Day, Future Now, was a privilege for Ticketsolve. Data and digital are a leading focus for our team and we ensure that our passion for data-driven decision making is inspired within the work of our customers too.

8. New Box Office Launch and Beta Testing

Oh yes please!! With the launch of the Ticketsolve new box office, we’re really entering 2019 with a sprint. The entire team are incredibly excited to witness the new box office unfold and we know that a lot of our customers are looking forward to getting their hands on it too.

9. Culture Change for Climate Change.

Inspired from Intersections with Theatre Forum and Theatre NI, Ticketsolve began our #Culture4Climate campaign in order to spread awareness within our own team and the Ticketsolve community about the responsibility the arts hold around creating awareness for Climate Change. Whether it’s 5 things that your venue can do to tackle climate change or addressing economical methods to ensure that your organisation is green, we’re looking at the bigger picture on how as arts managers, we can take responsibility for our beautiful planet.

10. Ticketsolve Strong Support 24/7, 365 days of 2018.

We stand by our customers and our support team are with you every single step of the way.

2018 was the year of 99% Customer Satisfaction Rate - and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

“More speedy than ever! Love how this system is so easy to navigate around with a simple emailed instruction ! :)” - Thameside Theatre

“When someone sends you a personalised video to help you solve a problem, they are legends amongst customer support teams!!” - First Fortnight

"The quality of support was excellent. I was very happy with Katie's support. A great help and I learned something new as well! Regards, Clare" - Everyman

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