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Ticket Exchange Tool: Feature Update

David Dunstan
23 March 2020
Ticket Exchange Tool: Feature Update

The results have been heartening: for customers that are using the tool, a majority of their audiences are choosing to either donate the value of the tickets or transfer the ticket value to a credit voucher.

For example, one UK theatre saw a majority of their transactions go to donations and credit vouchers (54) versus 31 refunds, showing that there are many people willing to support arts and cultural organisations if they can.

What Has Changed in the Tool?

Since it’s release, we have been gathering feedback from customers and have made a few improvements to the tool.

  • Re-Schedule Event - If you have a new date or dates for your events, you can now offer your customer the ability to transfer their tickets to the new date or choose from date options.

  • Gift-Aid Tick Box - a Gift-Aid tick box can now be added to the email template within the tool to make it easy for customers to select the Gift-Aid option if they opt to donate the value of their purchase to the venue. You can also change that snippet text easily within settings.

  • Configurable - if you could like to choose what you want to offer your customers (refund and exchange only for example) now you can. The tool can be configured to give your customers the options that best suit you and your audiences’ needs.

  • Show level settings - now you can simply tick “Exchange Allowed” to set the tool within a specific show within Ticketsolve.

More information about the Ticket Exchange Tool and how you can use it can be found here along with an explainer video:

And as always, if you need help with this new tool, let us know, we'd be happy to help you in any way that we can.

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