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A Bright Future Ahead: 2021

A Bright Future Ahead: 2021

Read the news lately? It is still mostly doom and gloom, but there are threads here and there of a brighter (though likely different) near future.

I mean if Dolly doesn’t make you feel like it will all be alright then who?

Launching and Developing New Features and Ticket Office

At Ticketsolve, the last year has been non-stop for us. We’ve launched features to help our customers adapt to a new world (ticket exchange tool, streaming, on-demand), kept learning alive (webinars and whitepapers), and probably most importantly for our 300+ community was the launch of Ticket Office, which has revolutionised ticketing.

Welcoming New Customers to Ticketsolve

Probably the best news for the whole Ticketsolve community is that over the last 12 months, we continued to welcome many new customers to the Ticketsolve community! We are incredibly excited to welcome these arts organisations to Ticketsolve and are delighted to see our community grow adding new experiences and sharing ideas.

With our growing community and newly launched Ticket Office plus heaps more developments in the pipeline (stay tuned for more), we want to kick things into high gear in 2021. That is why we are looking for a new Customer Onboarding & Data Migration Manager to join us at Ticketsolve.

We’re Growing Our Team!

Ticketsolve is continuing to grow so that we keep supporting and helping our growing community of arts and cultural organisations.

We are looking for a talented Data Project Manager to join our Support Team. We need someone who is process-driven and a multi-tasker with a meticulous eye for detail. Working as a core part of our Support Team you’ll be responsible for onboarding new accounts as well as planning, managing and implementing all goals for each project on time, as well as helping our community over the phone and email along with onsite training visits.

This is a collaborative role that means working with our development team, support team and our community of arts and theatre organisations.

We want to make working at Ticketsolve the best job you will ever have – that might sound ambitious but that’s the goal. We believe that our core values of being straightforward, collaborative and friendly are central to how we work. Our teams allow individuals to flourish whilst maintaining strong teamwork.

Supporting the Arts: Arts Working Group

The Arts Working Group is made up of arts organisations across the UK. While we help facilitate, the Working Group is entirely independent and has been providing vital support and advice throughout the last 12 months for any and all arts organisations.

There are some exciting developments afoot (stay tuned) at The Arts Working Group which will see the arts industry into the next stages of re-opening and well into the future.

There is a lot more coming from us in 2021 - so stay tuned!

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