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The ACC Think Tank: Missing the Mark or On The Right Track?

The ACC Think Tank: Missing the Mark or On The Right Track?

On Tuesday, 13th of June, the Arts & Culture Collective is back hosting a think tank discussion which looks at benchmarking within our organisation and why sometimes, in the arts and cultural sector, we need to challenge our understanding of the metrics in order to gain an accurate reading of the measurements. Join us online and register your interest to participate in the workshop today! 

Contemplating if You’re Missing the Mark or on the Right Track? 

On Tuesday, 13th June at 10.30 am, the Arts & Culture Collective is back hosting a think tank workshop looking at the practice of benchmarking in the sector. In this workshop responding to The Arts & Culture Benchmark, we look at our current use of data within evaluation practices, how we navigate actionable insights to make strategic decisions, and how we use this information to encourage behaviours amongst our audiences that contribute to our goals and objectives. 


Welcoming the Expertise of Special Guest Tom Stickland

Joining us for this conversation, we welcome Tom Stickland of TRG Arts. Tom is a senior consultant with strategy and policy experience specialising in theatre, festivals and place-making, having worked with Theatre Trust and HQ Theatres. TRG Arts is a consulting firm specialising in arts and cultural organisations. They provide data-driven strategies and solutions to help arts organisations maximise their revenue, improve audience engagement, and achieve long-term sustainability.

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Getting a Head Start: The Arts & Culture Benchmark with TRG Arts & Ticketsolve 

The Arts & Culture Benchmark with Ticketsolve & TRG Arts is a new partnership which we are delighted to introduce to members of the Ticketsolve Community. Join us on June 7th at 10am for an exciting intro webinar with TRG Arts looking at how to implement this free tool. Discover valuable insights, best practices, and the latest trends. We'll be working together with TRG Arts throughout the year to share these insights and ride the trend wave. Don't forget to mark your calendars!

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This initiative is part of a research project that aims to understand the use of data in the arts and cultural sector and how we can use it to our advantage in times of crisis. We are working closely with members of the Ticketsolve Community and the Research Council to identify resilient methods and agile practices around decision-making in times of crisis and in the re-opening of the arts sector in Ireland and the UK. Our project focuses on sustainability and the use of data in decision-making. 

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