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Rubik's cubes and Ticketsolve - What do we have in common?

Alyssa Elm
21 March 2022
Rubik's cubes and Ticketsolve - What do we have in common?

It’s not all fun and games but when it can be, we make sure to really make it interesting! Work hard and play harder, we like to take both sides of that very seriously! Rubik's cubes and Ticketsolve - What do we have in common?

Rubik's cubes. Almost everyone has heard of them and gotten frustrated with trying to solve them. They’re a tricky little 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 that has had many remakes to make them more and more difficult to solve. Now trying to figure out Rubik's cubes is not for everyone but it is bizarrely satisfying when you do complete them, so we thought we could share with you a short tutorial on how to solve your very own Ticketsolve Rubik's Cube!

Below is a video that explains the easiest way to solve a Rubik's cube.


Now it's one thing to be able to solve a Rubik's cube in general but some people have the extraordinary ability to solve these puzzles in astonishingly fast times. Yusheng Du currently holds the world record for solving a standard size 3X3 Rubik's cube in 3.47 seconds! Talk about being a speedy problem solver!

Now we know some of you may be thinking, why a Rubik's cube? Well, it's common knowledge that we Ticketsolvers love solving problems (hence the name) and we also take a hands-on approach when it comes to solving any problem or query our customers may have. Even if we can’t solve the problem ourselves, we always strive to find someone who can so that our customers have the most relaxed and positive experience possible. Much like we may not be experts at solving Rubik's cubes but we tracked down the best youtube tutorial to help you solve that tricky little cube.

Image from iOS (8)-jpgImage from iOS (7)

On the topic of problem solving, we thought it might be interesting to tell you about just a handful of the problems we solve on a daily basis. One of the most recent things we have found a solution to is Ticketsolve's need for a new website! We took customer feedback and did extensive research to ensure our new website is the best it possibly could be. 

Our New Homepage

Navigating through the homepage means it is easier to access the information that is most important to our first time visitors and our returning web visitors. Our homepage is essentially the heart of our website home, we hope it’s welcoming and encourages you to stay a while! 

The New Ticketsolve

Highlighting how Ticketsolve has evolved and adapted over the past 15 years, this page shows off our new user interface and how the system works to meet the needs of the Ticketsolve Community. You can find out more about our customer portfolio on our Community Spotlight and Testimonial pages

Ticketsolve Resources

From whitepapers to case studies and podcasts, Ticketsolve shares an abundance of resources with our wider community. We’ve so many valuable documents that we are able to dedicate an entire page on our new website to sharing them. They're easy to access, just click download on the resource you would like to access, enter your email address and name and you're set to go!

Ticketsolve Blog

We are dedicated to our blog readers and subscribers and publish new content weekly on the Ticketsolve blog. From Marketing tips and tricks to important industry updates—there's something for everyone! is also a great way to make sure that you never miss a trick! 

The Arts & Everything in Between Podcast

Our podcast offers listeners a more personal touch to share insights and learnings. Our podcast is a platform where we take a wider stance on some of the issues facing the arts, culture and heritage sectors. We also share good news stories and useful tactics borrowed from other sectors! 

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