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LIVE FROM RECHARGE: The Arts & Everything in Between Podcast

Emma Young
6 April 2023
LIVE FROM RECHARGE: The Arts & Everything in Between Podcast


As the world slowly returns to normalcy after the pandemic, the events industry is looking for ways to optimise its operations across multiple venues. In this podcast, Peter Ling, the venue director of Ipswich Regent and Corn Exchange, shares his insights on how to manage operations across multiple venues and keep them running smoothly.

The key takeaway from the podcast is that optimising operations across multiple venues require clear communication, effective planning, and a flexible approach. According to Peter at Ipswich, the first step in optimising operations is to have a clear understanding of each venue's unique requirements, capabilities, and limitations while keeping your core values central to your focus. 

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Once you clearly understand each venue's unique features, you can start planning your operations accordingly. This includes everything from staffing to ticketing to catering and beyond. The episode also stresses the importance of having a centralised system in place that can manage all aspects of operations across multiple venues.

One of the challenges of managing operations across multiple venues is maintaining consistency while still accommodating the unique needs of each venue. Peter recommends taking a modular approach to operations, where each venue has its own set of modules that can be customised to meet its specific needs. This allows you to maintain consistency across multiple venues while still catering to each venue's unique requirements.

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In this summary of RECHARGE, Peter also stresses the importance of having a flexible approach to operations. With multiple venues to manage, unexpected issues are bound to arise. Being able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances is key to keeping operations running smoothly. This requires having a team that is both experienced and adaptable and having systems in place that can be easily adjusted to accommodate unexpected changes.

Another key takeaway from the podcast is the importance of leveraging technology to optimise operations across multiple venues. Working closely with the team at Ipswich, Peter recommends using technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency, whether that's through ticketing systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, or other tools.

Finally, Ipswich Regent Theatre has emphasised the importance of communication when managing operations across multiple venues. This includes both internal communications among staff and external communication with customers and stakeholders. By keeping everyone informed and on the same page, you can ensure that operations run smoothly and that everyone is working towards the same goals. Their results to date have been fantastic

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In conclusion, optimising operations across multiple venues requires a clear understanding of each venue's unique requirements, effective planning, a flexible approach, the use of technology, and clear communication. By following these principles, event organisers can ensure that their operations are efficient, effective, and successful.


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