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What Does Continuous Upgrades Mean?

Paul Fadden
2 June 2014
What Does Continuous Upgrades Mean?

Periodic updates typically have huge lags between releases. This means that the user of the software has to wait - usually a significant amount of time - before the software improves.

Continuous upgrades mean the the software can be improved all the time. You don't have to wait a year before seeing improvements.

From the perspective of a software user, continuous updates are much better - here is why:

1. User controlled

If we take Ticketsolve as an example, we provide continuous upgrades on our software, that are user controlled. We get feedback from customers on a regular basis, this feeds into our upgrades. Users have the choice to turn on these upgrades if they wish. An example would be . . . .

2. Automatic

There are certain types of upgrades that happen automatically. For example in Ticketsolve, for some updates, there is nothing to download, no new hardware, nothing to buy. Updates happen automatically, and typically you don't even notice them. You will notice their impact. These sorts of updates might be to do with improving the software infrastructure or speed.

3. Efficient, Flexible, Secure

Continuous upgrades give users an efficient and secure way to upgrade their ticketing software, without added headache.

Our advice? Look for a ticketing software provider that can deliver continuous upgrades, regularly and that gives you the flexibility to choose certain upgrades and not others (not withstanding upgrades that improve efficiency).

Does your ticketing solution offer continuous upgrades?

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