Live Streaming with Ticketsolve Rooms

If you are using our Rooms/Streaming functionality, please take note of a change that we are releasing this Thursday morning, 17th December 2020.

As more and more of our customers are using this for 'on-demand' or prolonged access viewing, it has moved away somewhat from the original purpose of this feature which was live-streamed, one-off viewing.

The limits on each link pose an issue if, for example, you would like to offer your customers the ability to watch a particular performance multiple times over the course of say, two weeks. People can accidentally lock themselves out of the Room before or during this period and this can create support queries.

From Thursday morning, a Room can only be accessed from:

- 60 minutes before the event start time OR
- the opening time set on the event

Clicking on a link to a Room before this time will not count as a check-in and eat into the limit set on each link. This should significantly reduce issues for customers and support queries for you. We are also mass resetting any check-ins on links for future events.

Another benefit this change brings is the fact that you can add your Room content whenever you wish as it will not be accessible until the day. Some customers are choosing not to send the Room link in the confirmation email and only send it in the reminder email. This means someone needs to manually activate the room_enabled setting before the automated reminder email is due to send. With this new change, that manual aspect is removed and you can concentrate on creating the perfect batch of mulled wine this side of Christmas instead of setting reminders to tick settings in Ticketsolve.

Please note that you don't necessarily need to do anything with existing setups using Rooms due to this change. It just means that your customers won't be able to access the Room until 60 minutes before your start time.

We are running an Academy session about it all (yes another one) on Thursday at 11 am so will send the link at 10:30 am that morning and hope you can jump on. We'll explain it all in detail and also share an improved, step by step help article too while answering any questions you can throw at us. As always, a recording will be made available later that day if you cannot join at the time.

We recommend you are online with a cup of tea and a mince pie for 10:55 am.

See you then.