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If you are new to digital marketing or if you just want to brush up on subjects like Google Search, Paid Advertising or SEO, Digital Garage is the ultimate way to hone those skills.

We know Google Digital Garage will help you reach your goals when it comes to all things digital marketing. Our aim is to help all of our customers achieve (and exceed) your objectives- and we think this week’s tip will really help!

Google Digital Garage is a suite of online courses that will give you new and improved skills that cover a huge range of topics. From getting started with digital marketing to making sure your customers find you online to more complex courses such as SEP and understanding the basics of coding - these courses are ones not to miss!

Some of us at Ticketsolve have been doing these courses too, so we can tell you first hand they are really worth the time investment. Digital moves so fast; these courses are the best bet to keep up with the new trends and the latest thinking.

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