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Selling Tickets for Streaming Shows

David Dunstan
22 October 2020
Selling Tickets for Streaming Shows

As the pandemic continues to reshape our lives, the arts have to think of new and unique ways to get content out to audiences. Not only is this vital for audiences so they can stay engaged with arts, it also provides some much-needed revenue for arts organisations.

Streaming (live is best but you can use pre-recorded) are where many arts and cultural organisations are turning to provide great content for audiences.

However, as with any open or public streaming link, these shows can - and usually are - shared widely which means that arts organisations are missing out on vital revenue.

What you need is a secure and unique link for each ticket holder. In this way, patrons get access to great content and cultural organisations have an opportunity to secure more revenue from streamed shows.

Called "Rooms" in Ticketsiolve, our new streaming feature will allow you to create unique secure links for ticket purchasers. These unique links work much like a unique ID on a physical ticket. When patrons buy a ticket for a live-streamed, their unique link is their secure "ticket" to the show.

We worked with several venues to work through and test the feature which works well with all regular streaming services such as Vimeo and YouTube.

The set up is easy:

1. Add your stream to Ticketsolve

2. Set up your email template

3. Test it!

4. Put up streamed shows and events for sale

5. Get patrons back to viewing your content and buying tickets!

In terms of how you set up a show in Ticketsolve: live or streamed is exactly the same. What is different is the settings (this is where "Room Enabled" becomes important).

When patrons click on the unique link they get when they buy a ticket they enter a room (which is hosted by Ticketsolve) where the stream will run.

We recently hosted a webinar to help you get set up with the new feature, so drop us a line and would be happy to share the recorded webinar with you and help you get set up. You can also login to your Zendesk and check our article on Streaming to get your guide.

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