Welcome to 2022 - and Welcome to Our Newest Ticketsolvers!

A fresh year, a fresh start - we are delighted to welcome 2022! And what better way to kick off this year than to welcome new members to the Ticketsolve Team! Here's to growing and thriving in 2022!

We're looking forward to 2022 for lots of reasons (as I am sure many of us) - if for nothing else but a clean start. At Ticketsolve, 2022 has gotten off to a cracking start as we welcome three new Ticketsolvers to our team!



Natalie is joining the support team bringing a variety of experience in customer service, marketing and events management. Natalie has previously worked for several arts and cultural venues in Hampshire, including being a customer of Ticketsolve whilst in a Marketing & Development Manager post. Briefly switching from the arts to software, her most recent role prior to joining the support team was as Marketing Manager for a print-on-demand sustainable clothing platform.
Currently living on the Isle of Wight, she is enjoying having her own home office space - she’s even bought a wobble board to use standing at her desk, so if you’re ever on a video call with her, don’t worry, it’s definitely not your eyes . . .



Josh joins us at Ticketsolve with a wide variety of experience in the arts sector from working in cinemas as a box office manager, projectionist and film programmer (yes, film programmer means he used to get paid to watch films)! Prior to his role with us, he was a Ticketsolve user so has been on the other side of the support coin, and understands all the challenges associated with running a busy venue.

He's obviously a massive film fanatic and will watch anything starring Keanu Reeves or Nicholas Cage. He spends the rest of his time, at home in Derbyshire, with his wife and three young children.


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Alyssa is our new social media intern and brings a tremendous knowledge and passion for social media to our team along with a fantastic can do attitude. She previously attended college studying Equine management as she loves animals and horses in particular. 

Currently living in north Lincolnshire, she spends most of her time with her fiance and playing with her four dogs Lilly, Lacey, Caro, and Dexter!

We are delighted to welcome them all; if you get a moment, please drop them a line to say hello!