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Our Easy to Use Scanning App Just Got Better

Nick Stevenson
27 May 2021
Our Easy to Use Scanning App Just Got Better

It’s true we’ve been busy this past year with the release and rollout of the new Ticketsolve platform, but we’ve never been content to just sit back - we’re always looking for ways to improve. Which is why we are delighted to share our new and improved scanning app!

What’s New in the Ticketsolve Scanning App?

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels. That’s why we use the Kaizen approach in everything that we do within Ticketsolve. Kaizen is all about continuous improvement; a strategy where employees at all levels of a company work together proactively to achieve regular, incremental improvements. To be fair, we had a great scanning app already, we’ve just made it a lot better. With input from our development team, our support and customer success teams and of course our customers we took what was already there and built upon that. Below are some of the changes we’ve introduced:

  • Essential information is now more visible for quick referencing by staff. The Seat numbers for example are now visible on the orders page for every ticket.

  • The never ending scroll is now on orders page regardless of amount of orders. Our old app truncated after 50 tickets so you had to search by name or order number to find someone if you needed to check them in manually.

  • Ability to select events for scanning that have no orders. For timed entry events it is sometimes the case that selecting all that days' events for scanning before you open, meant certain times slots had no sales but throughout the day, sales could come in on them. On the old app you couldn't select these events for scanning, so if someone who has subsequently bought for one of these slots and provided a ticket for scanning, it would not scan. With the new improvement, now, by selecting events with no booking, if any come in subsequently, the app will read these tickets and scan successfully. Hurrah!

  • Ability to mass remove multiple events in one go under Scan Selected. A real time saver! 

  • Several performance improvements around load time for large order events both online and offline. Events with a lots of orders now loads up in a matter of seconds.

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Why Did We Make These Changes 

There were two main reasons to make this change:

  1. Test out the new technologies that Ticketsolve is now built upon. 

  2. Implement customer feedback and our own internal feedback to improve the scanning app (more efficient and effective) especially in a post Covid world.

As we’ve mentioned above we adopt the Kaizen approach when it comes to software development, we’re always striving for change for the better. When we re-platfomed Ticketsolve and released the New Ticketsolve we built it from the ground up using new technologies. Now that we have a new foundation to work from, we decided to use the new (and better) groundwork to improve our scanning app.

It worked a treat! All the hard work our development team had put into the re-platforming has made improving the scanning app a breeze. This is a great example of how important the re-platforming is from the perspective of new features (and improving current ones). The new Ticketsolve platform means we can ramp up new features much quicker than ever before. 

Find Out how scanning helped improve the customer experience at Komedia Bath.


Want To Know More About Our New Scanning App?

If you want to learn how our scanning app has helped our customers with their day to day operations, please get in touch with us here. You can also download the Komedia Bath case study which looks at how they made the move from COBO to print at home/e-tickets. 

They’ve seen great results:

  • Over 99% of their customers have their tickets on their phone

  • 62% of total bookings are done on a mobile device. 

Click below if you would like to download your copy. 

10 Ways Scanning Helped Komedia Bath


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