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Keeping it Simple But Making it Meaningful: Audience Targeting Strategies to Boost Engagement & Foster Loyalty

James McAndrew
16 November 2023
Keeping it Simple But Making it Meaningful: Audience Targeting Strategies to Boost Engagement & Foster Loyalty

In a world where bots and AI are the subject line of every email and article, we thought we’d gently press on the breaks of the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology. Moving from the rapid sprint to a softer pace, we’re keeping it simple in our blog this week and going back to some of the basic strategies you can implement to make sure that these powerful tools drive results and efficiency for your team (and not leave them winded and out of steam). Dive in to warm up and get ready to set the pace for your team this week with audience-targeting strategies to boost engagement and foster loyalty. 

No matter how close to ‘human’ our bots, tools, and AI gadgets get, there’s still a big piece of canvas that your team needs to look at painting. And that’s ensuring whatever you’re doing through automation and campaigns is meaningful and effective. 

In this blog, our team shares some of the most effective (tried and tested) methods for targeting your audiences with the right messaging and at the right time—or at least as close to it as possible! 

Our tips and tricks look at enhancing your audience tagging, segmenting carefully to increase conversions, looking at your accurate measurements from your marketing campaigns, and automation (our top favourite) 

Using enhanced audience tagging to identify key groups (and provide the best customer experience)


Last month, we added an exciting new feature to the mix - enhanced customer tagging. This allows you to colour-code and add emojis to customer records at Box Office, which is a great way to personalise your customers’ experience, as tags will appear below their name in box office, and on our Check-in App when a customer is scanned in. This allows you to immediately identify important customer details -  like if the customer is a high-level donor, on your Access Register, or a loyal returner - meaning you can offer them tailored, personalised service from the moment they make a purchase to the time they arrive at your venue. A great way to ensure they continue to support your organisation, and come back again and again! 

It’s really easy to use this feature - simply head to the manage tag on Ticketsolve to get started: from there you can create, edit and delete tags.

Read more and find a step by step guide here.

Creating customer segments to boost customer loyalty and conversions


Tags are also a great way to identify customers  for the purpose of segmentation: grouping customers with shared characteristics (age, location, first time visitor, donor, etc.), allowing you to personalise your marketing, customer service or sales activity to these specific segments. It’s a sure-fire way to boost your customer loyalty and conversions. 

The reports section on Ticketsolve allows you to bulk-tag contacts, so you can quickly and easily create segments according to the characteristics you choose. It’s super simple to do : check you out step by step and video guides here.

If you’re not sure where to start with segmentation, we’ve got you covered: check our our guide, which goes into a bit more detail regarding what segmentation is actually for, and takes you through some of the key segmentation models, including those designed specifically for the arts, here.

Setting up targeted marketing campaigns: grow your open and click rates 


One of the key benefits to setting up segments is the fact that they allow you to target customers effectively, providing them with information that is relevant to them. This tailored approach makes customers more likely to open and take action within your emails - much more so than generic, catch-all content.

Through our seamless Mailchimp integration, you can easily create email lists based on customer segments, and send them campaigns accordingly. Check out our step-by-step here: or check out our related Academy session here.

Stuck for ideas on how to personalise your content? We’ve got a guide for that! Check out our personalised marketing guide.

Automations for specific customer groups: the quickest win of all


You may not always have time to build a brand new-targeted campaign for specific customers, but we want to make sure you’re always able to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, and boost revenue and conversions. 

That's where automated emails come in. They’re one of the most efficient digital marketing tools out there - as once you’ve set them up, you can leave them to work their magic. Setting them up is as simple as defining triggers and workflows - which is super easy to do through Ticketsolve and Mailchimp’s integration. Check out our how-to here.

Need some inspiration for specific email automations? 

You can also find more ideas, and more about automations in our guide, here.

A Completely Different Direction! 

#AF0E60Finally, if you’re feeling the AI fatigue don’t forget that these tools are here to support your team. Emojis on scanning upon access are impactful, but only if your team is there to utilise them in the delivery of their messaging. 

To finish with the reminder that your team and people matter, check out this post that we saw shared by our friend, Robin of Baker Richards on Booths Supermarket. 

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