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Making the Switch: Change Doesn't Mean Pain

by Admin |
8 June 2017
Making the Switch: Change Doesn't Mean Pain

In this post we will take a look at why you might want to consider a new ticketing platform, what to consider before making the change and some tips on making the transition easier.

It's Just a Rough Patch: Or Everything is Fine, Really.

There is no denying that in every relationship a little rain must fall, and that is absolutely true when it comes to our relationship with software we use everyday. Maybe it was cost, maybe it was exactly the system you needed at the time, maybe you inherited the system or maybe that was all there was at the time. Whatever the reason, there is good cause for the platform you have now. And sure it can be annoying now and then, but it gets the job done, right? The thing is, unlike a personal relationship, your box office software relationship really needs to deliver. Deliver on time savings, on optimising workload - and ultimately helping to grow audiences and sales. It also needs to be able to grow with you. Anyone in a long time relationship will recognise that change is inevitable. In the case of your box office software, if your software cannot grow with your changing needs, no matter how much you love it, it is not delivering on what it should. Ask yourself: does our platform help our organisation grow? Does it delight our end customers? Is it keeping us abreast of technology changes and changing buying behaviours? Does it make sense financially? Are we missing opportunities because our software is holding us back? Do we really understand our audiences and their buying experience? Is it delivering on our goals? Do they have deep industry knowledge? And on a personal level, do you think you will get on with them? We would never advocate change for the sake of it, but if your current platform is not delivering on aspects that are important to your organisation, it's time to look elsewhere.

Change Doesn't Have to be Challenging

Full disclosure: the above title might seem disingenuous, since we are a ticketing platform, but hear us out. Did you ever get the feeling that when you do decide to make a change roadblocks start popping up? For example, with some platforms you don't actually own your customer data, which locks you down. Or maybe you get told that porting your data to another provider, "just is not possible." That is, in part, why we have worked so hard to ensure migration is smooth and seamless for those coming onboard with Ticketsolve. We provide a dedicated migration team to each onboarding. We take care of all the data migration, so you don't have it. We want you up and running with Ticketsolve fast - so you can results fast too. Plus, once you are up and running with Ticketsolve, updates to the software happen weekly and automatically, so you never have to deal with costly downtime.

Sounds Too Good To Be True You Say?

Of course there can be hiccups, we do our best to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. But there are some things you can do help make the transition easier.


Start talking to your teams straightaway - even before you make the decision to change providers. Let them give insight on difficulties they are having and what they think is positive and what their dream platform would be like. And don't stop talk! Keep your teams in the loop the whole way through the process so they fully understand the process and have a chance to ask questions. Having your teams onboard will make a huge difference to your transition. You will get push back - it is inevitable. Change is not easy. Work with your teams to help them to really understand the need for change.


Make sure that whichever platform you choose, that they provide your team with all the training they need to get up and running. Ideally it should be part of the transition process - not an extra cost.

Be Realistic

There may be he hiccups, and some staff may get frustrated. With the right prep (and the right platform), it can really be very smooth and easy.

Set Goals

Sit with your potential provider and go into detail about what your goals are, and how they will help you achieve your goals. Setting these goals means that you can really track how well you are hitting your milestones.

Enjoy It

Obviously this is a big change, but don't be daunted, enjoy it! Keeping positive about the change will make the process much smoother and exciting.

Don't Take Our Word For It!

We have done almost 300 onboardings; interested in learning more about our process? Give us a call!

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