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Helping Patrons: Where's My Confirmation?

David Dunstan
18 May 2014
Helping Patrons: Where's My Confirmation?

But something was going very wrong with my order. I must have inputted my details at least 10 times before I finally gave up. The thing is, I was pretty persistent. Most people would have given up after maybe two tries. But it drove home the point to me that Ticketsolve's front end works flawlessly. If it didn't, our customers would be losing patrons quickly.

The booking errors that do happen are not in Ticketsolve's control. Typically they are in the patrons control.

So what are the most common booking problems, and how you can help your patrons if things go pear shaped?

Confirmation email is in their spam folder

This is probably the number 1 "error" for patrons. They've booked, but do not have a confirmation email. The first place to check is the spam folder or the social folder. Typically this is where confirmation emails end up - if not in the inbox.

Email entered incorrectly

Another problem, though it doesn't happen often, is that the confirmation email has been entered incorrectly. If this happens, ensuring the patron has their reference number is important.

Order or booking reference

We all do this. You buy something online, and there on the page it says "be sure to note down your booking number". And what do most people do? Promptly shut the window noting nothing down. Order or booking reference numbers are unique to each order.

Noting it down means if there is an issue - like for example the tickets have been booked for the wrong day - finding and rectifying the error is easy. Without the booking order, finding an order can be tricky. It can be done of course, but it can take time.

Check the order

So before finalising an order, encourage your patrons to check their orders for the correct show, date, time and seats. They should ensure their email is correct and they should fill in the contact details fully.

And once the order is complete? Note down that booking reference!

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