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Have Your Voice Heard: The Arts Working Group

Paul Fadden
25 May 2020
Have Your Voice Heard: The Arts Working Group
Chaired by Princes Theatre's General Theatre Manager, Kai Aberdeen, The Arts Working Group represented by theatres and venues across the UK has three main objectives:

1. Understand what the main issues, concerns and questions theatres, venues and festivals across the UK are facing when it comes to re-opening.

2. Working together to find positive solutions to the challenges of re-opening and providing some guidance and planning for theatres and venues.

3. Actively working with the government to advocate for arts and cultural organisations, to ensure that they provide clarity on re-opening guidelines and financial support is available if necessary.

Right now there is a lot of uncertainty around what re-opening means, what steps need to be taken and what it will cost to adhere to health and safety guidelines etc.

Working collectively, we hope to overcome this uncertainty, whilst also ensuring that government provides the supports that the arts and cultural sector needs to thrive during re-opening and well into the future.

We Need to Hear From You.

In order to really be effective, The Working Group need to hear from you. There are two ways you can get involved.

  1. Get involved directly with the working group by emailing

  2. Send in your questions, concerns, issues in the Q&A box below. The Working Group, which is made up of arts and cultural organisations across the UK, will be taking a look at pulling together a planning toolkit to help you navigate re-openings.

While The Arts Working Group is made up of Ticketsolve customers, please share the link to this page with anyone working in the arts and cultural sector so they can share their concerns and questions.

The Working Group would like to hear from anyone who has questions and concerns around re-opening.

You can ask as many questions as you want and share any concerns you have and you can also vote up any questions that are relevant to you.

If you would like a direct response from the Working Group, please be sure to edit the "W" in the drop-down to enter your name and email so they can get in touch directly. Once the re-opening toolkit is prepared we will get it out to the wider audience.

Working together we will have a more powerful voice and find solutions to help the entire industry.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their concerns. The Arts Working Group has collected and gathered them to move forward with our next toolkit to follow!

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